Seeing the World Differently: Cathy Dement's Artistic Vision

Seeing the World Differently: Cathy Dement's Artistic Vision


As an artist with a red-green deficiency in vision, my perception of the world is often described as different or unique. While this may present its own set of challenges, I've come to embrace my color vision deficiency as an integral part of my artistic identity.

One of the most intriguing aspects of my artistic journey is how my red-green deficiency influences my artwork and artistic process. Rather than seeing it as a limitation, I view it as a source of inspiration and creativity. My unique perspective allows me to see colors in a way that others may not, resulting in artwork that is truly one-of-a-kind.

One challenge I encounter as an artist with color vision deficiency is accurately portraying colors in my artwork. While I may not perceive colors in the same way as others, I've developed techniques to overcome this challenge and create artwork that is visually striking and emotive. I rely heavily on contrast, value, and texture to convey depth and dimension in my pieces, using subtle shifts in tone and shading to evoke a sense of color without relying solely on hue.

Another challenge I face is navigating the world of art supplies and materials. Many traditional mediums rely on a wide range of colors, making it challenging to find suitable options that align with my vision. However, I've learned to embrace this limitation and experiment with alternative mediums that allow me to express myself fully. Watercolors, for example, offer a versatile and forgiving medium that allows for experimentation and exploration.

Despite these challenges, I've discovered that my red-green deficiency offers unique opportunities for creativity and innovation. By embracing my unique perspective and finding creative solutions to overcome obstacles, I've been able to create artwork that resonates with others on a profound level. My artwork may not always adhere to traditional color norms, but it speaks volumes about the power of artistic expression and the beauty of seeing the world differently.

To other artists with color vision deficiency, my advice is to embrace your unique perspective and use it to your advantage. Experiment with different techniques and mediums to find what works best for you, and don't be afraid to think outside the box. Remember that art is a deeply personal form of expression, and there are no rules when it comes to creativity. By embracing your differences and staying true to yourself, you can create artwork that is as vibrant and captivating as the world around you.


P.S. This is a photo of a watercolor portrait I did of our lab "Luke". 

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